AGM 2016/2017 Report

 Rev. Brian Stewart, Rector of St. George's, who celebrated the Service of Holy Communion preceding the AGM with Chair of CAI Scott Golden

Rev. Brian Stewart, Rector of St. George’s, who celebrated the Service of Holy Communion preceding the AGM with Chair of CAI Scott Golden

The Changing Attitude Ireland AGM took place on Saturday November 19th in the hall of St George’s Church, Belfast, after a service of Holy Communion celebrated by the Revd Brian Stewart, rector of St George’s. Chairman of Changing Attitude Ireland, Mr Scott Golden of Delgany, Co Wicklow, gave the AGM address titled Looking back. Moving Forward – the Journey towards Inclusion.

At the AGM which followed the committee was elected for the coming year, the officers being
Chair: Scott Golden,
Hon Sec: Leo Kilroy,
Hon Treasurer: David McConnell,
Vice-chair: Canon Ginnie Kennerley,
Membership secretary: Niamh Allen Kelly,
Website manager: Stephen Spillane,
Social media: Pam Tilson.

“Looking back. Moving Forward – towards Inclusion.”
Address to AGM by Scott Golden, Chairman, Changing Attitude Ireland in St. George’s Church, High Street, Belfast. Saturday November 19th 2016

Scott Golden began his chairman’s address at the Changing Attitude Ireland AGM by looking at sexual prejudice down the centuries, tracing it from the Hebrew culture of 600 BC to the present day, and outlining the effect that such prejudice has had on the gay community throughout history.

He closed by saying that, both the LGBT+ Christian movement and its heterosexual counterpart now need to ask themselves how can they be better Christians in today’s world. He also appealed to those concerned to foster LGBT+ equality in the Church to get involved in the work of Changing Attitude Ireland.

“My challenge to the members of CAI is that we take the baton that Mervyn Kingston and Richard O’Leary took up on behalf of Christians in this country who had hitherto been silent, and run with it in the hope that when we finish our course there will be no one there to pass it on to – because the mission will already be accomplished!

“My challenge is also to our fellow Anglicans, brothers and sisters in Christ who read scripture differently to us. I challenge them to put aside their prejudice even for a short time to try a different perspective with regard to same-gender relationships and unions. I ask them to ‘walk the journey in OUR shoes’ and in so doing recall the words that Christ spoke ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ Luke 6:31”