Belfast Talk “The Christianity of Gay and Lesbian Truthfulness”.

James Alison, theologian and Catholic priest, will the speaker at a public talk in Belfast on “The Christianity of Gay and Lesbian Truthfulness”. James Alison last year published an Introduction to the Christian Faith for Adults called “Jesus the forgiving victim”. In his talk James Alison will ask how can those who have been opposed to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trangender (LGBT) inclusion or are frightened of LGBT persons, be offered a soft-landing in a world in which gay persons are increasingly seen as a rather normal part of the fabric of daily life? He proposes that if LGBT people are able to do this with magnanimity, they will be in a better position to help welcome those who are scandalized by them into a fuller inclusion for all in the life of the Church. His public talk will take place on Wednesday 12th November at 8pm in Belfast South Methodist Church, Lisburn Road. This event is an ecumenical undertaking by Changing Attitude Ireland (CAI) in association with the Irish Methodist group ‘Accepting Sexuality’ and Gay Catholic Voice Ireland.
James Alison will also be the special guest at the launch the following night Thursday 13th in Dublin of the video ‘Gay Voices in Church’. The video features interviews with four gay and lesbian Christians including CAI’s Ms. Alison Finch. It will be launched in the Lantern Centre, Synge st, at 7.30pm. For more info and to book a place for that event see
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