Jayne Ozanne for Dublin!


Friday May 13th 2016 @ 1 p.m.

Methodist Church, Northumberland Road, Dun Laoghaire                                    

(Approx. 100 yards from rear entrance of Royal Marine Hotel)


CAI is thrilled to announce that we will pay host to Jayne Ozanne, the well-known Evangelical Anglican speaker and leading Church of England figure.

Jayne has been a member of the Archbishop’s Council, one of the Coventry Cathedral Reconciliation Team, a member of the Trinity College Bristol Steering Committee and a leading organizer of charities as well as a lay reader/ leader and prominent member of General Synod. In secular life she is also a top international marketing manager whose clients have included the BBC.

Last year Jayne ‘came out’ after 20 years struggling to come to terms with her own sexual orientation.

In January she coordinated a letter to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York signed by over 100 senior Anglicans regarding the Church’s treatment of LGBTI Christians, which resulted in a full apology by Archbishop Justin at the 2016 Primates Meeting.

Her current commitment, along with working for the poor and marginalized as a member of General Synod, is modelling “good disagreement” between those who differ on the sexuality issues that threaten to split the Church.

In that context Jayne has accepted an invitation from Changing Attitude Ireland to speak at a special seminar on Friday May 13th, taking place during the lunch break of the General Synod in Dun Laoghaire. Jayne will tell her own story and share her journey. She also looks forward to hearing other people’s stories and their views, wherever they may stand on the issues. This meeting is about learning truly to listen across the conservative – liberal divide, as mandated by the C of I Select Committee on Human Sexuality in their recent publication “The Guide”.

All are welcome!


Tea/ Coffee & Sandwiches available