Statement from Changing Attitude Ireland on the Recent Communication from the House of Bishops

Changing Attitude Ireland is disappointed by the content of the Church of Ireland House of Bishops’ recent statement on Human Sexuality in the context of Christian Belief, which was read at the General Synod in Armagh.  The statement continues the exclusion of LGBT+ Christians and reinforces the institutional discrimination that they experience from the Church. It does not provide for the much-needed liturgical celebration of LGBT+ people at the point when God is most blessing and enriching their lives.

However, for the first time, the House of Bishops has openly acknowledged that the same diversity of opinion exists within their number as exists in the General Synod and in the wider Church.  Changing Attitude Ireland also notes that the statement allows for autonomy at a diocesan and parish level, for prayer and pastoral celebration with LGBT+ couples who have married, although this is not by means of solemnization, formal blessing or specifically sanctioned liturgy.

Changing Attitude Ireland will continue its positive campaign to achieve marriage equality in order to attain our overall goal of the full inclusion of LGBT+ people in the Church. The theological argument is very strong for the Church to open the dialogue on amending Canon 31 to allow for the solemnization of marriages between all loving Christians. The path that the Episcopal Church of Scotland has taken is one that would work well in the Irish context. It provides for inclusion, but also allows those parishes and individual members of the clergy to whom the change is unacceptable to opt out.  These changes will require leadership from the House of Bishops, and equally from the many members of the Church of Ireland, both lay and ordained, who know that the Christ-like thing to do is to include all.

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