Hard Gospel Project responds to Changing Attitude Ireland

The following statement was made to the Gazette by the Hard Gospel Project Director, the Revd Earl Storey, in response to comments from the Secretary of Changing Attitude Ireland, the Revd Mervyn Kingston:

Feedback on Hard Gospel material, such as our latest resource, Faith and Difference (available at www.hardgospel.net), is always valued. The discussion card on Human Sexuality which is referred to is no different to any of the other issues addressed in this resource, in that there will be a range of strongly held and differing views.

The purpose for the material on each of the nine issues addressed is not for the Hard Gospel Project to espouse a particular view. It is to encourage open discussion. We are pleased that anecdotal evidence suggests this has been successful. I have no reservations with the approach taken.

As part of our contribution to the debate on issues surrounding human sexuality, we have also been able to offer an opportunity for Changing Attitude to submit an article for the Hot Potatoes page on our website. We have also expressed our interest in a meeting with members of Changing Attitude as part of our ongoing commitment to helpful dialogue on difficult issues.

This is in addition to a meeting that has already been agreed in principle with at least one Lesbian/Gay/ Bisexual/Transgender organisation. “Given the above, I am somewhat surprised by the unease expressed. However, we are always glad to contribute to open and constructive dialogue, and all our materials are available on www.hardgospel.net.

Source: http://gazette.ireland.anglican.org/2008/040708/homenews040708.htm