Changing Attitude Ireland Update, April 2011

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Rt. Revd. Trevor Williams at the Launch of “Share Your Story”

When we encounter difference, when we are confronted with a profound challenge, we can find ourselves very fearful. Fear is a natural response of self protection. But the response to fear can turn to fight or flight; responses which we have witnessed on the streets of Belfast for over 30 years. So how is a path towards reconciliation between those of opposing views made possible. [Continue Reading]

Changing Attitude Ireland, Volume 2, Issue 1

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Changing Attitude Ireland Update, February 2009

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Submission made by Changing Attitude Ireland to the Hard Gospel Committee

The Revd. Mervyn Kingston (Secretary of CAI) explained to the Hard Gospel Committee that Changing Attitude Ireland (CAI) is an all-Ireland network of Christian persons, gay and straight, lay and ordained, working for the full affirmation of gay and lesbian persons in the Church of Ireland. The Revd. Kingston advised that CAI articulates a liberal perspective on gay and lesbian inclusion, a perspective which he believes is shared by a substantial and growing proportion of persons in the Church of Ireland from lay people to Bishops, but which because of the sensitivity around this issue in Ireland, was largely only expressed publicly by courageous individuals until the formation of Changing Attitude Ireland. [Continue Reading]

Hard Gospel Project responds to Changing Attitude Ireland

Feedback on Hard Gospel material, such as our latest resource, Faith and Difference (available at, is always valued. The discussion card on Human Sexuality which is referred to is no different to any of the other issues addressed in this resource, in that there will be a range of strongly held and differing views. [Continue Reading]

Church of Ireland Gazette: Bishops’ Listening Process and Hard Gospel Project challenged by ‘Changing Attitude’ official

A co-founder and the Secretary of Changing Attitude Ireland, the Revd Mervyn Kingston, has expressed trenchant criticisms of the bishops’ Listening Process regarding gay and lesbian people in the Church, and has voiced similar criticisms of the Hard Gospel Project’s dealing with the subject. [Continue Reading]