Belfast News Letter: Orange anger at Church gay row

A PLAN to “celebrate diversity” at a high-profile Church of Ireland service has been scrapped after the Loyal Orders withdrew over the involvement of a pro-gay lobby group. The symbolic service, held during the Church’s annual General Synod in Armagh, to be attended by the Roman Catholic Cardinal, Sean Brady, would have been the spiritual focal point of what is effectively the denomination’s parliament. [Continue Reading]

PaddyAnglican blog: Church of Ireland scores Anti-Gay own goal!

Sometimes I despair – Once again we have salvaged defeat from the jaws of success! As part of the General Synod (AGM) of the Church of Ireland being held in Armagh from 8th to 10th May there is to be a Synod Eucharist on the Sunday morning (10th May). Various groups represening the diversity of society in Northern Ireland were invited to take part in the leading of intercessions during the service. They included the GAA, Masons, Orangemen and horror of horrors ‘Changing Attitudes’, an organisation which lobbies for the open inclusion of gay people in the life of the church. [Continue Reading]