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Statement by Canon Charles Kenny in support of David Cameron’s comments on same-sex marriage

In Downing Street on July 25th the Prime Minister applauded the contributions over the years to all aspects of life in the UK of people who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. He deprecated the fear and hatred that they routinely have to endure. Mr Cameron welcomed the social and political progress towards eliminating irrational and unjustified fear and hatred of gays over the past four decades. [Continue Reading]

The Scriptures and Homosexuality: Old Testament and New Testament Perspectives

Dr. James Willamson and Pádraig ÓTuama

The two papers published here were given at a day conference organised by the Methodist group Accepting Sexualty in Belfast on 14th May 2011. [Continue Reading]

Methodist Church in Ireland: E.4 Marriage, sexual relationships and sexuality

We recognise the family as the primary unit in society and all possible encouragement is given to ministers and congregations to support and strengthen family life. Marriage is a relationship, intended as permanent, between one man and one woman within which sexual intercourse establishes a unique intimacy. [Continue Reading]

Report: Holding the tension wisely

Even before a conversation about LGBT lives and stories begins, there can be felt-tension about the perceived intention of another. There is tension when a conversation is experienced as being coercive. There can be tension when one person perceives that another’s engagement may cloak a particular agenda. Intentions can sometimes be judged incorrectly. Where one individual may be seeking to understand, their intention may be judged as destructive. This requires a deep and caring communication – speaking and listening, speaking and listening. Language is more than words. Even the most carefully chosen words cannot mask a hurtful intention. [Continue Reading]