Irish Times: Church of Ireland sectarianism row ‘no bad thing’ says former judge

Former Supreme Court judge Catherine McGuinness has welcomed recent criticism of sectarianism within the Church of Ireland by Archbishop of Dublin and Glendalough Michael Jackson. However, she said she had never heard the term “polyester Protestants” to describe those who were members of the church by conviction. [Continue Reading]

Irish Times: ‘There is a certain combat and indeed violence deeply embedded in theology’

There was a little of Lady Macbeth in the reaction of some in the Church of Ireland to Archbishop Michael Jackson’s recent observations on sectarianism in Dublin and Glendalough. It was just a mite too upset. You will recall how Lady Macbeth on being told of the murder of Duncan, King of Scotland, at her castle, an act in which she ably assisted, betrayed herself by asking: “What, in our house?” As if. Sectarianism among the decent, God-fearing Anglicans (polyester, genetic, whatever) of Dublin and Glendalough Whoever would suggest such a thing? [Continue Reading]

Belfast Telegraph: Bishops back ‘traditional marriage’

THE Church of Ireland has underlined its commitment to marriage as being between a man and a woman following its major weekend conference on human sexuality. A joint statement from the Primate Archbishop Alan Harper and the Archbishop of Dublin Dr Michael Jackson stressed that “the church’s position on marriage as being the union of one man and one woman remains constant”. [Continue Reading]