Belfast Telegraph: Bishops back ‘traditional marriage’

THE Church of Ireland has underlined its commitment to marriage as being between a man and a woman following its major weekend conference on human sexuality. A joint statement from the Primate Archbishop Alan Harper and the Archbishop of Dublin Dr Michael Jackson stressed that “the church’s position on marriage as being the union of one man and one woman remains constant”. [Continue Reading]

Belfast Telegraph: We have not barred gays from conference on sexuality: Church

THE Church of Ireland has denied claims that a conference this weekend on human sexuality has deliberately excluded gays from its list of speakers. The two-day conference, which began in the Slieve Russell Hotel in Co Cavan last night, is for members of the General Synod. Some 450 of the 600-strong body are attending. [Continue Reading]

Belfast Telegraph: Same-sex issue needs solution

The Church of Ireland Primate Archbishop Alan Harper will preside at a special conference on March 9-10 which will discuss the vexed question of same-sex relationships. Already the debate is in full flow and this week the pro-gay group Changing Attitude Ireland published a book, ‘Moving Forward Together; Homosexuality and the Church of Ireland’. [Continue Reading]

Belfast Telegraph: ‘Breathing space’ call in row over gay clergy

THE Church of Ireland Gazette is calling for “breathing space” in the row over gay clergy. The call follows the revelation that the openly gay Dean of Leighlin, Tom Gordon, entered into a same-sex civil partnership in July. The Gazette, edited by Canon Ian Ellis, stated in its editorial that while civil partnership is not a marriage, “and does not necessarily involve same-sex sexual expression, there is a very wide perception that it is a form of gay marriage, and perceptions are often as important as facts”. [Continue Reading]