Changing Attitude Ireland Newsletter, October 2012

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Paul Rowlandson address at IDAHO 2012 in Derry

Much progress has been made, but there is still a long way to go. The IDAHO service developed out of a historic step in progress made nearly 40 years ago. It now seems incredible that homosexuality was ever considered a mental disorder, but that was the case before the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders back in 1973, quickly followed by the European Psychiatric associations and psychological societies. The World Health Organisation was a bit slower, but it removed homosexuality from its list of ‘disorders’ in 1990. [Continue Reading]

IDAHO 2012 Posters

Dublin: Christ Church Cathedral, 3.30pm
Cork: St. Anne’s, Shandon, 11.00am Eucharist
L’Derry: St Columb’s Cathedral, 4.00pm
Limerick: St. Mary’s Cathedral, 7.00pm
Waterford: Christ Church Cathedral, 7.30pm [Continue Reading]

Belfast Telegraph: We have not barred gays from conference on sexuality: Church

THE Church of Ireland has denied claims that a conference this weekend on human sexuality has deliberately excluded gays from its list of speakers. The two-day conference, which began in the Slieve Russell Hotel in Co Cavan last night, is for members of the General Synod. Some 450 of the 600-strong body are attending. [Continue Reading]