Changing Attitude Ireland Newsletter, October 2012

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Belfast Telegraph: We have not barred gays from conference on sexuality: Church

THE Church of Ireland has denied claims that a conference this weekend on human sexuality has deliberately excluded gays from its list of speakers. The two-day conference, which began in the Slieve Russell Hotel in Co Cavan last night, is for members of the General Synod. Some 450 of the 600-strong body are attending. [Continue Reading]

Canon Ginnie Kennerley’s sermon on Epiphany

Epiphany – as no doubt you all know – means “appearing” or “revelation”. And today‟s readings help us to reflect on the revelation, the appearing, of Jesus the Messiah, the Word of God in human form, in Galilee two thousand years ago; and as our Lord, our example and the shining light of our lives, in today‟s world. [Continue Reading]

Canon Ginnie Kennerly’s IDAHO 2011 sermon in Dublin

That’s because as today’s New Testament reading reminds us, “Christ has abolished the law – (that’s the law regarding the division of Jews and Gentiles) – so that he might create in himself one new humanity in place of the two, thus making peace, to reconcile both groups to God in one body, putting their hostility to death through the cross”. Divisions between human groups and communities and factions are not of God; divisiveness is against the teaching and practice of Christ; so let us strive not to define ourselves as against but for other human beings, however badly they may have behaved, however different their culture and traditional values are from our own. [Continue Reading]

Changing Attitude Ireland, Volume 4, Issue 1

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Changing Attitude Ireland Update, April 2011

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