A lot to celebrate but more to do: Changing Attitude Ireland leads first Pride Service in Christ Cathedral Dublin as new patron is introduced

There is a reluctance within the Church community to hear from the LGBTQ+ community because listening opens the possibility of change and change demands taking a risk, according to the newly introduced patron of Changing Attitude Ireland, the Right Revd Trevor Williams. The retired Bishop of Limerick and Killaloe was speaking at the first Pride service in Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin on Sunday 25 June 2023. [Continue Reading]

Changing Attitude Ireland Update, October 2011

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Belfast Telegraph: God save us if this religious lunacy is allowed to triumph

Jim Allister is on the warpath again. This time, he’s riled because a marcher in the Pride parade held up a sign saying ‘Jesus had two dads and he turned out fine’. Jim’s already been on to the Parades Commission and the police and he wants the Pride organisers to be held to account for this “blasphemous” placard. Yet this poster had none of the dumb, provocative crudity of the sign reading ‘Jesus is a fag’ carried by a marcher in the 2006 parade. [Continue Reading]

Belfast Telegraph: Advances made but the fight for rights not over

Tomorrow sees the 21st annual Belfast Gay Pride Parade. From nervous and tiny beginnings, it has become a bold and loud celebration appealing to all ages and outlooks (bar one), adding another bright touch to Belfast in July. Its family-friendly carnival alongside the Lagan Lookout on Saturday afternoon is free, and open to all who want to share our enjoyment. Despite the glamour and glitz, the Pride Festival with its numerous events during this week remains true to our concerns for human rights and the future prospects of all GLBT people, and for our society in general. It is also a showcase for the community’s varied artistic and cultural talents. [Continue Reading]

Changing Attitude Ireland Update, September 2010

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Trade Union TV-Ireland: Belfast Pride 2010

Changing Attitude Ireland takes part in their third annual Belfast Gay Pride Parade. Thousands marched through the streets of Belfast in support of LGBTQ rights. The Trade Union movement along with many other workplaces solidly turned out to demonstrate their commitment to fight for equality in the workplace. [Continue Reading]

Changing Attitude Ireland Update, September 2009

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The Irish News: Allow gay people to be ordained: canon

A pro-gay Church of Ireland priest has called on all Churches in Ireland to allow gay and lesbian ordinations. Belfast-based Canon Charles Kenny was speaking after attending the city’s Gay Pride parade on Saturday in his role as representative of the Changing Attitudes Ireland group. Revellers turned out in force to mark the annual celebration of the gay community in Northern Ireland in an event which passed off without incident. [Continue Reading]

Video: Belfast Gay Pride ’09 – The Free Presbyterians Camp Out

Belfast Pride 2009 official parade highlights

The official highlights of the Belfast Pride 2009 parade as captured and produced by Belfast Pride on Saturday 1st August 2009. [Continue Reading]